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- A simple coking with the Malagasy products of the region
- Free, day and night for the residents of Tanankoay

* A picnic-meal Ar 32 000 (8 Euro)
* Menu of the day (without a card) : lunch and dinner Ar 60 000 ( 15 Euro)
* An American breakfast Ar 22 000 (5.5 Euro)
* A continental breakfast Ar 20 000 (5 Euro)

BOTANICAL GARDEN:                                                                                                                                                           Visiting rights Ar 5,000 / persons for foreigners                                                                                                                                             Ar 1,000 people for the Malagasy



A restaurant being able to lay tables for no ventilated and worth receiving guest is situated in the center of the complex.
A cooking which exploits the fish local product, a local cooking which will make us discover the Malagasy specialty as: the pork and ravitoto (leaves of cassava), rice with green leaves ( a Malagasy risotto with little dwarfish  shrimps), sliced meat of zebu with sakamalao (gingers), tilapia of manambolo (fish of fresh water), citronella chicken or with coconut, sambosa with ground nuts sauce (peanuts), lambo with maroparasy (wild boar with wine), duck with vanilla, godrogodro: a cake made of coconut of the west of Madagascar and other...

We have two bills of fare / names to suggest and every evening of your coming we change them according to your arrival;
One of them in for a vegetarian (vegetable; lentil starchy, food with coconut, voanjobory with carry powder, cabbage with oyster sauce and other… to be tasted.


The breakfast that we serve since 5.30 are copious with home made juices (orange, lemon, tamarind) according to the season and the jam with fruit of the garden (banana, paw-paw, jujube), honey collected from the TSINGY, the home-made bread as well as pan cakes made of rice which is called “mokary” sometimes mofo gasy. ( a Malagasy wheat-bread)

At noon, we can prepare you to order a picnic meal for your climbing of Bemaraha TSINGY.

In the bar, we shall serve you a composed rum made of exotic fruits as the “mokotra” or the “baobab” but also well-known drinks like pine-apple, citrus fruit, banana, jujube…


We advise you to taste our home-made punch called the “TSINGY mafana” that means warm in Malagasy and it will help you to dance the KILALAKY, a Sakalava dance that the ANKOAY MUSIC group well play. It is  formed by the members of the group who invite you to relax in the evening while listening to music; for we must recognized that the Malagasy people are good at singing and  music, by way of proof; it is not rare to hear at singing and a driver singing together with musician within the limits of  respect for the tourists ’rest, this animation  ends at about 9.30 p.m. because you will leave the day after  for this amazing discovery of the BEMARAHA TSINGY