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YEARLY- BUSINESS: May – November
INTERNET-ACCESS: in 3G+ system


Architecture of the SAKALAVA region: electricity thanks to the generator from 17h 30 to 23h 00.

24m2 (with hot water by solar installation)

- For 02 people in Ar 100.000 (25 Euro)
- Extra bed, Ar 20.000 (5 Euro)

01 ventilated family bungalow:

- Can accommodate 07 people in two separate rooms in Ar 150,000 (37.5 Euro)


05 BUNGALOWS ANKOAY VENTILLES: (with hot water by solar installation)

- 03 Bungalows in twin of 02 separate beds of 01 place with private sanitary in Ar 65 000 (16.25 Euro)
- 02 double bungalows with private bathroom at 65 000 ar (16.25 Euro)

Smaller but still with private sanitary; Large A thatched roof with mosquito net and ventilation; some are in twin two small beds separated from each other in double room.
You can bask in their chairs Zafimaniry country (Ethnic group of eastern Madagascar)



Bungalows with common sanitary facilities with 1 large double bed at Ar 40 000 Ar (10 Euro)



- Trano Tihy in twin (02 small bed of 01 place separated) of Ar 35 000 (local manufacture in tsihy but insulated roof with mosquito net) for 02 people; in total a reception of 12 people.



- Shady campsite with electricity, common sanitary, washbasin, shower
- Tent igloo of 02 places (with mattress) under shelters: 20 000Ar / tent (5 Euro)                                                                               - Ar 10,000 tent pitch / person (2.5 Euro)


TANANKOAY offers to make you discover the Sakalava traditional dancers (daba : the dance of all the events) and the rhythm of the “tromba” ( a funeral rite and exorcism) of the Sakalava tribes with Michel and the Sakalava women in this playing field at a certain evening party.
TANANKOAY sets itself a mission to develop with the ZANATANY (the sons of the region) an equitable and lasting  tourism in creating jobs but permitting the autochthon to bring  their culture to light and this creates a real meeting. 

N.B: catering extra (not included) and half board mandatory (breakfast and dinner).