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Tanankoay, Hotel Restaurant in Madagascar

An accomodation at the gates of Bemaraha Tsingy in an authentic arbores frame; TANANKOAY is a warm and intimate structure where spacious Sakalava bungalows; more simple ANKOAY bungalows, common sanitary bungalows called BOZAKA OR TRANOLAY and a large area for camping; all of them cohabit together.

                 The journey for everybody’s purse …

Always to hold our surroundings in respect, we use local materials for the site arrangement which is made by the inhabitants’ ancestral ability of the region (thatch roofs “bozaka” or the use of “katrafay” wood, fine-looking but not precious “vondro”, viky, a mixture  of laterite with zebu-dung and termitary, the local made bricks.


After going out in the pause, you will discover the TSINGY, an assured welcome and service given by the man and women living in country communauty of Bekopaka and led by the  metis couple names Pascale and Tony. The pleasant arranges garden will invite you to take a rest in the shadow of old mango trees or it will be an opportunity for you to initiate into Madagascar flora with the botanical covered- distance and guide’s explanations.

TANANKOAY is also a pleasant and carefree trip suggesting you PACKAGES according to the time you dispose to discover the west Malagasy.

Don’t hesitate to plunge yourselves into the Malagasy nature and their culture in the lacustral site of ANDRANOBE.        
How amazing memories!

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