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YEARLY- BUSINESS: May – November
INTERNET-ACCESS: in 3G+ system


An architecture of the Sakalava region: electricity thanks to a power plant fthrom 5 pm till 10pm TANANKOAY was built in an ecological spirit to make you discover the fabulous site of BEMARAHA TSINGY, a site of the UNESCO patrimony to the tourists who are interested in this especial site in the world.


- 02 people, Ar 74.000
- Extra bed, Ar 15.000

Op 35m², these are made of laterite and thatch-roof architecture for your convenience you dispose of a sanitary privative with warm water using system, ventilated, a mosquito curtain and a floor-frame where you can sip our made-home punches, and fresh drinks, a decoration which pay a tribute to the Malagasy craftsmen (embroidery, little car- toys from recuperation  raphia, zebu skin, weaving of wild silk and basket-making.


01 SAKALAVA FAMILY BUNGALOW VENTILATED, (with hot water solar installation - Ar 110 000)

It is composes of two large rooms separated by a communicating bathroom. It will be adapted to a family with children, or to friends travelling together but willing to have intimicy. It can receive till 7 persons (if you are more numerous we’ll find a solution)


05 ANKOAY BUNGALOWS VENTILATED, (with hot water solar installation)

- 03 twin bungalows of 02 separate beds with 01 private bathroom - Ar 45.000
- 02 double bungalows with private bathroom - Ar 45.000

They are of a very small size but always with privative sanitary; a big thatch-roof in form A, with a mosquito curtain and ventilation, some are with two twin-beds separated by another in a two-bed-room. You will be able to take it easy  a their chairs coming from the zafimaniry region. (Ethnic group in the  East of Madagascar)


06 BOZAKA BUNGALOWS (Ar 25.000 )

They are bungalows with a commune sanitary; their walls are made of plants called “vondro” (of the papyrus family), of wood, the “lambahoany” cloth from the cotton fabric of Antsirabe. For small budget but more comfortable against insects


TRANO TIHY (Ar 15 000 )

 They are dismountable and made of mat plaited by the parish women put in service by the team at the beginning of the touristic season conceived in twins (two separated little beds) for a very attraction price.


(Ar 5 000)

Our camping is provided with a sanitary equipment and a shower, electrified during the use of generating. During the cold period (June – August) we use a simple system, a big barrel full of water that we get warm on fire-wood and everyone use a backet of hot water if your shower you really seems too cold.
This system has the advantage of consuming ten water which becomes scarce on the west of Madagascar since September.
The company has at one’s disposal a barbecue so that the guide and the tourists can cook their meals.


TANANKOAY offers to make you discover the Sakalava traditional dancers (daba : the dance of all the events) and the rhythm of the “tromba” ( a funeral rite and exorcism) of the Sakalava tribes with Michel and the Sakalava women in this playing field at a certain evening party.
TANANKOAY sets itself a mission to develop with the ZANATANY (the sons of the region) an equitable and lasting  tourism in creating jobs but permitting the autochthon to bring  their culture to light and this creates a real meeting. 

N.B: "Vignette" & City Tax included.